Simple Payoneer offsite gateway for WooCommerce

This is a simple Payoneer Offsite payments gateway plugin for WooCommerce. It works in a similar fashion than the built-in BACS method, but the user will have a direct link in the checkout form that will allow to make a direct Payoneer to Payoneer payment. The checkout is completed as soon as the user fills in the Payoneer email and transaction number.

The order will automatically be set to an on-hold status for manual verification from you, the site admin.

The Payoneer email (for the customer), as well as the transaction ID will be displayed in the order details screen and the edit order screen.

The output on the checkout page looks like this:

Once completed, the information can be seen in the orders, edit-order, and also the order-received screens:

You can download the plugin for free here.

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