Simple speed for your WooCommerce / WordPress site (plugin)

FREE plugin! Simple speed is a stable and powerful little plugin that dramatically increases your page speed without any hassle. This is exactly what it does:

Features includes:

√ automatic hotlink protection to prevent bandwidth leeching
√ GZIP compression (speeds up page load time and saves bandwidth)
√ leverages browser caching (tweaked to work with WooCommerce)
√ loads jQuery from google CDN (decreases latency | increases parallelism | better caching)
√ includes Vary: Accept-Encoding Header (increase performance and scores on various performance tools)
√ disables auto-save on posts (lowers overhead on the server that can impact performance)
√ automatically sets UTF-8 encoding for files being served as text/html or text/plain
√ enables keep-alive directive (allowing persistent connections) which saves on bandwidth
√ removes unnecessary clutter from WP head (rsd, version generator, and much more)
√ dequeues extra fontAwesome stylesheets loaded to your theme by other plugins
√ removes query strings from all static resources
√ enables mod_pagespeed to apply filters to files in order to reduce the number of requests from browsers to your server
√ full html, css, and js compression
√ WooCommerce specific: enables lazy load on product images for shop and archive pages
√ no settings! simply plug in and enjoy!


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