WooCommerce Points and Rewards Import/Export tool

By default, WooCommerce Points and Rewards don’t include any functionality to either export or import your points or point log data. This free plugin now allows you to do exactly that.

It adds an “Import points rewards” and “Export points rewards” setting to your WooCommerce settings. The exporter lets you select the table (either points or points log), and download that to CSV file. The importer lets you select which table you want to import to, and then imports it to that table.

In short — export both tables. Then from the importer you can select the table you want to import, upload the CSV file for that table, then import/update it to the database.

You can now export your Points and Rewards from one site, and import it to another.

Download it here.

BTC donations welcome: 1Jt3kETWcWkAsNKrc6WsPLKnkkSTe3Uv5o
ETH donations welcome: 0xcd004e07ABFF155A68bB4140A39466EACE691B0e

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